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Texcote™ Texture Coating Presents a First Class First Impression for you Home's Exterior

If you want to give your home a first class first impression, DeHaven Co. has the perfect finishing touch because creating custom exteriors is our specialty.

We start with your choice of exterior Texcote™ texture coatings or acrylic stucco. We will even help you choose the custom color that best enhances your home's appearance. Then we will apply scientifically formulated textured coatings or acrylic stucco in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

We will trench to the foundation, mask and cover all areas subject to overspray, water blast (3500-4000 psi) or sandblast to remove dirt, loose, stucco, peeling paint and all foreign matter that could impede adhesion of the coating. If efflorescence is present, we will chemically treat the surface, and repair the surface with cement patching compounds, elastomeric patching compounds and waterproofing cement if necessary. We will allow all surfaces to dry at least 24 hours before application of primer/sealers, which will be applied at an approximate rate of ¼ gallon per hundred square feet. If efflorescence has been a problem, an efflorescence inhibiting primer will be used. All primer/sealers will be allowed to dry in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Textured coating will be applied at the manufacturer's suggested rate of 2½ - 3 gallons per 100 square feet at approximately 500 psi to the desired texture and pattern. We will apply these finishes with proven effectiveness against sun, rain, fading and moisture. And finally, we will sand, patch, primer and paint your home's exterior trim with your choice of the highest quality acrylic or oil base finish paints and stains.

With DeHaven Co., you can count on time tested materials that have enjoyed decades of worldwide repute for quality, durability and appeal. Add to this, our extraordinary installation procedures, competitive pricing, on time performance and you have a winning investment. One that cannot be beat with conventional exterior installation and finishes.

Texcote™ Textured Coatings:

High Style Performance and Water Sealing in a Single Product

Texcote™ Textured coatings are available from many quality manufacturers such as Texcote Texture Coating, Catalina Textured Coatings, Kover Shield Cote, Multicoat Texcoating, VIP Paints and Coatings, Pittsburgh Paint, Vexcon Chemical Corporation, ICI Dulux, Sherwin Williams Paint Co. and Behr Process to name a few. You can obtain a complete listing of Texcoating manufacturers in your area from the PDCA.

For more than 30 years, contractors, architects and specifiers have come to rely on the tough, yet attractive finishes provided by Texcote Textured elastomeric coatings. Originally developed for the Federal Government Specification TTC-555 B that contains section 3.3.3 (wind driven rain test), textured coatings were designed to be applied over concrete, cinder block and stucco surfaces. Government specifications called for coatings that created a protective layer on these substrates that would provide waterproofing and enough flexibility to bridge gaps and cracks. The texture of the coating also helped aesthetically by hiding surface imperfections.

Before Texcote™
Today's contractor now has many textured coating products to choose from, each with its own performance properties. Selecting the right coating for a particular project will ultimately depend on which performance characteristics are most important to the success of a job. For exterior applications, the most important characteristics are waterproofing, flexibility over a broad range of temperatures and resistance to fading and dirt pick-up. Coatings must also form a permeable surface so moisture does not become trapped between the coating and the substrate. A permeable surface is also critical for interior applications where the formation of mildew can cause considerable damage along with unsightly surface staining and unpleasant odor. Just like exterior applications, flexibility and dirt resistance, are also vital performance capabilities.

A Closer Look at Texcote™ Textured Coating Product Composition

How the Texcote™ textured elastomeric coating product will perform depends, in large measure, on the type of polymer used as a binder and the formulation of the product. Many of the textured coatings on the market are classified as elastomeric. Elastomeric coatings with 100% acrylic binders provide excellent flexibility, waterproofing and resistance to dirt and fading. What makes these coatings so desirable is their ability to provide a high-build finish that is water proof, yet permeable. When applied to the exterior of a building, the coating can expand and contract with building movement. This capability provides the flexible layer that bridges cracks and gaps which occur in stucco, concrete, and masonry surfaces.

These textured coatings are perfect for new and renovated buildings because they preserve the integrity of the substrate. Textured coating elastomeric systems that are made with 100-percent acrylic binders are a true solution to cracks and water damage that can occur when a building settles or is subjected to vibration, thermal expansion and contraction.

After Texcote™ and Vinyl Windows
Some of the other advantages offered by these types of textured coatings include resistance to dirt and moisture pick-up, fading and chalking.

Another category of acrylic textured coatings is solvent- or emulsion- based coatings that also have outstanding performance characteristics. These are formulated of highly modified styrene acrylic polymers for solvent- and emulsion-based systems and have outstanding performance characteristics. These systems provide a decorative film that covers surface blemishes and imperfections while offering excellent adhesion, weatherability and waterproofing. Ideally suited for application on masonry, block and stucco surfaces, these textured coatings are very resistant to UV light, molds, and environmental chemicals. Unlike other textured coatings, these coatings can be applied above or below grade where they are subject to hydrostatic pressure. Another unique feature is that they can be applied on new or "green" concrete or alkaline surfaces without the aid of primers. The polymers are specially designed to be alkali resistant. There is no need to wait for the concrete to cure before coating can be applied.

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